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Use your common sense and avoid this types of advice. Scabies is going to infest even the healthiest of people, it doesn’t matter. Tip #37) Utilize forums on the web that talk about scabies. The Topix forum can be helpful on occasion. also Curezone and But be wary of a lot of the commenters.

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Now im using scabies killer enzyme/oil treatments, and got a rash around ankles, and elbows, and knee caps. Rash only, no nodules, itching is a big yes, but seems more like an allergic reaction, or just dermatitus.

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Permethrin-Resistant Rashless Scabies Infection – Please share what worked for you By fcknscabies. Last reply 1 day ago. 0. 12. Pubic and Body Lice Pubic lice are tiny insects that live on humans, usually in the pubic hair.

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I have to put in my 2 cents here. Scabies, mites, lice, fleas, etc. are exoskeletal creatures. Two oils have the fatty acids that eat away their skeleton which kills them as they cannot survive without it. These are coconut and olive oil. What I did for my son who got scabies from a friend all over his back, arms, and chest was to rub

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Precipitated sulfur ointment is the age-old Surefire cure for scabies by the way. If you bought sublimed sulfur which is second-best then you need to mix it at at least 20% you decide how much your skin can take.

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If you’ve read around a bit on the Topix Scabies forum or elsewhere online then you have undoubtedly read complaints from people along the lines of “Scabies cannot be cured” or “Permethrin and Ivermectin won’t work, nothing works!” But that is far from the truth.

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