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In April of 2011, 20 year old Holly Bobo disappeared from her family home in Parsons, TN. Bobo was last seen walking into the surrounding woods with a man in camoflauge by her brother. The case remains unsolved, and Holly Bobo is still missing. A month or so after the abduction, a thread started on Topix.com, titled "Jon Dodd". The thread was …


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The most perfect breeding ground for local rumors. The only things stated about the video are the tied up woman ID'd by a former roomate of kidnappers and a short video of one of the kidnappers "fucking" a distressed looking same woman; she states that she is Holly Bobo.. I strongly believe that these local hillybillies with extensive criminal pasts of a sexual and violent nature and …


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In 2011, Holly Bobo was a 20-year-old woman living in Darden, Tennessee. She was a nursing student who lived with her parents and had a pretty normal life – until the morning of April 13th, when she disappeared. The disappearance of Holly Bobo took another turn when hunters found …


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Nearly everyone in Tennessee has heard of Holly Bobo but 12 years before her disappearance another woman went missing in Decatur County. Unlike Holly Bobo, whose disappearance made the national news and generated a massive reward, Kristie Annette Baugus Moon's disappearance only turns up a couple news stories and forums of Topix and Reddit.


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The law just rounded up a bunch of lowlifes and tryed to say that they were responsible. Don't get me wrong, the guys that are in jail did alot of stupid shit, but killing holly bobo wasn't 1 of them. SOURCE: Used to be a local and still live fairly close to the area.


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The disappearance of Tennessee nursing student Holly Bobo made news across the nation. In a heavily criticized and bungled murder investigation, six men have been arrested in relation to the case; the prosecutor is seeking the death penalty for three of them.


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Mother of two sons accused of killing Tennessee student Holly Bobo: 'They're not murderers' "In my heart of hearts, I knew– I know my boys," said Cindy Adams.


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On February 28, 2014 The Tennessee Bureau of Investigation (TBI) Director Mark Gwyn announced the search of 29 year old Zachary Rye Adam’s residence in conjunction with the abduction of Holly Lynn Bobo.. Bobo, a 20 year old nursing student, was abducted from her Darden, TN home nearly 3 years earlier.


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Concerning Holly BoBo ::Natalie Bobo is the cousin of Holly Bobo, paternally. Apparently they’re quite close and live in the same county. She’s spoken with the media before about her cousin’s disappearance, but little has been discussed about her in the media spotlight like has been done with Clint, Karen and Dana Bobo.


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